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We started our business 10 years ago. Our son bought a golden retriever and went to a seminar to learn what to feed. He was amazed (shocked might be a better word) at the content of kibble.

He bought a grinder and began to grind and feed his own raw food. When the dog went to the trainer she was amazed at the coat and general overall condition and asked what he fed. He explained he ground his own. She told him people would pay him to grind food for them and there we went. She became his first distributor. He grew so fast that he told us he would have to quit his job and go for it or give it up. As he was young with a really good job and new family,

He passed the business to us as we were about to retire.. We have been doing it ever since.

We now deliver to Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana, West Virginia, and soon TENN., and ship to a number of states. We also have customers in Canada who pick up regularly in Michigan.

We recommend the book, “The BARF DIET" It is very useful and tells about raw feeding, benefits, trouble shooting and is a good overall guide to raw feeding.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

Thanks for your interest.

Gary & Cathy @ G & C Raw, LLC

How To Order

  G & C PAYMENT POLICY and Order and Delivery information.   Orders are place by email to gcrawdogfood@yahoo.com  and then I send you an invoice via return email 

It is helpful to use this format

 Number of items

  description size of item 

1 bag of kidnesy 5 per bag 

2  chicken veggie mix 1 lb deli 

    Payment for products is due at time of delivery. Payment should be cash or check Payments not made upon delivery are subject to a 3% handling fee. If you need to mail a check after the delivery, a 3% handling fee will apply. Please make prior arrangements if you need to delay payment, a 3% handling fee will still apply.  Credit/Debit cards are only accepted through PayPal and a 3% convenience fee applies. There are no exceptions. This is not above our cost of acceptance. 

Orders not picked up are subject to a 5% restocking fee. (This does not apply if we are the problem.) Effective October 1, 2016, orders that need to be shipped will need to be prepaid.  There is a $1.00 delivery fee per each $20.00 ordered (or portion thereof) up to a maximum of $20.00 Orders over $800.00 free delivery within our normal delivery areas.  DELIVERY INFORMATION: It is our goal to arrive within 15 minutes of the delivery time. If you are waiting longer than 15 minutes, please call the driver. Road construction, accidents, and weather have caused us delays in the past. It isn’t always possible to call and forewarn you of delays, but we make every attempt to do so.  If you will be delayed in picking up, please let us know so we can make arrangements to meet you at another stop. 

Frequently Asked Questions


We base our products on the recommendations of the biological appropriate raw feeding method. That says a balanced diet is achieved over several meals with a variety of meats/ fruits/ and veggies, although some prefer to go strictly carnivore and don't feed veggies and fruit at all. In nature, dogs/cats would get fruit and veggies from stomach contents.

Our mixes include the fruit and veggies. The ingredients are 85% meat, bone and organ with the organ percentage being approximately 5%. The veggies (green beans, carrots, squash) are 10%, and the fruits (apples and bananas) are 5%. Bone content varies with the type of meat.

ground meats are just the meat bone and organ.

A deli container is a "cottage cheese" type container. It holds 2 lbs.

Bone to meat ratio varies with type of meat and cuts of meat we get.

Typically it is:

Chicken, Turkey, and rabbit is 70% meat to 30% bone

Duck is 60% meat and 40% bone.

Beef is 85% meat to 15% bone we use bone dust (that is the shavings from bones when they are sawed) for the bone content in the beef.

Pork is the same as beef unless otherwise labeled. At times we can’t get the bone dust so we use a calcium/ phosphorus supplement. Label will reflect that.

Lamb is supplemented with calcium and phosphorus as we don’t have bone dust for lamb products.

Organs used are lung, liver, spleen, kidney, depending on type of meat and what’s available. Lamb and Duck typically have just liver. Typically we use about 5% organ meat.

Our meats are obtained locally, from farmers and local meat processors and while not certified organic, they are antibiotic and hormone free. All meats are from human-grade sources. We actually eat some of the meats we get ourselves. Many of our products come from free range stock and some are grass fed, while seasonally, some are grain fed.

(The chicken, beef, and pork we have used for our own meals before we grind it) After we grind we have to label not for human consumption due to bone content. Our tripe comes from local farmers and we clean and process it ourselves.

We are USDA and FDA inspected. Note: Our whole rabbit does come from China and is human grade for use in restaurants. Our ground rabbit is local. Locally we get the heads, necks, ribs, front legs and backs.

We now have a meat fortifier as an optional product to provide an additional source for vitamins and minerals as a supplement for those who want it.


Cat food differs from dog food in that it doesn’t contain veggies and fruit and extra heart meat is added.


We do accept returned boxes and clean used containers in an effort to promote a better environment.


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